Men Opting for Women’s Hairstyles

I remember having to constantly fight with my bro for bathroom time when we were teenagers. Not because he took too long in the shower (which he did) or too long shaving (which he did) or too long staring at himself in the mirror (which he did). But because to him, doing up his hair was an hour-long art complete with hairsprays, gels and a hairdryer. When I finally got into the bathroom, it was into a grey haze of chemicals and heat that knocked me out once or twice.

Now it seems I would have to re-live that again if my bun in the oven turns out to be a son. It seems men are becoming bored with their hairstyles. After sporting bowl cuts, shaved heats, crew cuts, etc, men, according to Kenneth Frost, a leading international hairstylist, now want to exercise their artistic abilities on their more feminine haircuts.

We’re talking long manes, wavy, coloured, spiked, the works. Frost is in India for the month of July, ‘educating’ the locals on how to wear their hair through a series of interactive workshops with a special focus on men’s longer and more feminine hairstyles.

Ugh. Maybe I’m getting old but I almost had a heart attack when I saw a boy of no more than fourteen with the most bizarre haircut I had ever seen that made me want to go after him with a shaver. There was a yellow coloured spike sticking out the back of his head, more spikes of green sprouting from the top of his head, a couple of red-tinted tendrils down the side of his pale face and a curled fringed, coloured purple.

Why anyone let their son walk out with a virtual fruit bowl on his head was beyond me. Then I saw his friends with their afros, dreadlocks and anime-inspired hairstyles, all with mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks squeezed into skinny jeans and I had to shake my head at the frivolity of male youth. But then I recalled the 80s era that brought us Boy George, David Bowie, Kiss, etc and should have realized that the 80s are well and truly here – just without the music which is a pity. I can only hope this phase will last no more than a decade and will be swiftly replaced by those happy pants and hypercolour shirts.