How To Keep The Hair Dye In Longer

I’ve been using hair dye for two years now, and I’ve learned how to keep it in better. Did you know that red fades fastest, too?

So here are a few tips from (me)

-Use less shampoo! The chemicals in shampoo kill your dye slowly but surely. (Sometimes not slowly.) Use the minimum you need to get your hair satisfactorily clean. Also, use shampoo every other day. A little bit of pressure to the scalp should do it for those in-between days-without ruining your hair! I’m too lazy to wash it if I don’t need to.

-Sun=evil- the day star lightens your hair, bleaching it. (Rule only applies with dark dye or light hair pretty much) Wear a hat. Or just sit around inside all day. Inside is better sometimes.

-The other thing you have to worry about is only with semi-permanent. If you weren’t careful about rinsing, and even if you were, enough water might just get you dripping…

-Don’t forget to leave it in a couple minutes longer than necessary, and try and use the least chemical-filled stuff. Go for something for coloured hair just to make life easier. It really does.

Permanent dyes are better for your hair because they’re less regular. But even with all the tips in the world, semi-permanence is something to be redone every 4-6 weeks. Go for the high end stuff, like Manic Panic.