Hair Trends for Spring/Summer 2019

Like everyone else, I’ll be lining up outside a hair salon to hail the promise of extended sunshine and say goodbye to my boring, dark tired look that is winter. But before I do that, I thought I’d do some research to see what the experts say about what’s in for air this coming Spring/Summer

Fringe, fringe, swoop

Whether they’re short, long, uneven or straight, fringe is here to stay. And I, for one, am getting sick of the tufts of baby hair crowning the top of my head so as much as I hate the thought of flipping my hair back to keep my fringe out of my eyes, I hate looking like I have wings at my temples more. There is a particular style of fringe I’m thinking of going for, called the Swoop Bang – long fringe gently combed to the side of the face with a little flick at the end. This look is a perfect, sophisticated, low-maintenance addition to any length of hair.

60s Glam is Back

BIG hair, teased at the crown to create volume. You can either leave it out with a little flip at the bottom or tie it back in a bun (like Hilary Duff above). Top it off with a wide bright headband or headwrap and you have a hairstyle to complement those short bright swing dresses.

The sleek, high ponytail is also in for those with longer hair. With a full-bodied back and a bit of curl, your mane will bounce along merrily atop your shoulders when you do the kangaroo bop.

Crop and Bob

The shorter, the better, experts say. The best thing with this style is you don’t have to do much with it. You can tame it and comb it very close to your face – perfect for those with big, expressive eyes or you can just muss it up and make it as shaggy as you want.

For those who don’t want a crop too severe, you can opt for the bob that’s been made famous by the likes of Rihanna and Posh, called the Inverted Bob which suits any shape of face. The style is cut short at the nape but gradually grows longer towards the front with the ends curling just under the chin. I’ve seen this style on a lot of women walking out of the salon recently and is apparently very easy to maintain.

Bye bye, hair straightener

If you’re fond of your long hair and would shriek like one of those girls from ANTM when their locks have been chopped off, I have good news for you. Most of us have natural waves in our hair (some more so than others) and we spend a good ten minutes or more ironing them out with a hair straightener. But experts are saying to embrace them as the soft, loose, wavy style is in. Unless your hair is screaming ‘split ends!’, you don’t even need to go to a hair salon for this. All you need to do is invest in a good frizz-free product that won’t make your hair limp, lank and oily at the end of the day.