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37 Awesome Business Casual Outfits For Women

For any recent graduate or professional who’s about to begin working and needs some ideas for what a business casual wardrobe seems like throughout the interview process, as well as the day-to-day, we’ve you covered.

For your interview, dress up a bit more than the average employee.

As Oscar Wilde said, “There is a constant get another chance to produce a first impression.” Make your first impression one where the focus is on you and everything you bring to the table, rather than your jewelry or the hemline of one’s skirt. When in doubt, there’s never any harm in going for a knee-length skirt. 

If you’re interviewing for employment at a place that you realize takes a relaxed attitude, you need to still make fully sure your business casual looks smart. Classic combinations that never fail include a dress (with or with no cardigan, with regards to the season), or black slacks with a wonderful, solid-colored top.


Don’t underestimate the consequence pretty blouses or dressy shirts can need to dress up probably the most mundane of slacks. But certain items probably don’t fit the bill for business casual for women, e.g. polo shirts (even though they are collar shirts) with khakis, probably are too informal.

Should you feel like putting on a blazer, that’s acceptable especially given the range of women’s blazers these days, but it is additionally vital to avoid a business suit for business casual interviews. 

Imagine if you’re interviewing in an even more aggressively casual environment such as a startup? Let’s use it in this manner: even if the CEO is wearing hoodies and jeans, doesn’t signify s/he thinks people should arrive for interviews wearing that. Also, to some extent, there is a standard for folks in startups.

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