25 Elegant Black and Gold Nail Are Always in Season

With spring and summer nail colors, our brains go to pastels and bold brights—rightly so, as those will be the warm-weather classics. Because of this coming winter, we’ve an alternative color scheme in mind as it’s a little less traditional and much more opulent for the season. Now, we’re painting our nails an abundant and luxurious mix of black and gold. It is a classically chic look that we’ve been seeing all over Instagram and at the salon, a much-needed change whilst the temperatures drop and the holidays approach. These delicate black wire nails are paired with a single studded gold accent nail. They’re perfect for people who crave something unexpected and unique (aka the cool girl who’s fed up with plainly painted nails).

Have a scroll through a number of our favorite designs, every one different from the past, as we’ve curated an assortment that ranges from ornate and complex to simple and minimalist. Truly, there’s something for everyone. Below, find our picks. Black-and-gold nails don’t need to be ostentatious or bold. They could actually be quite delicate, exactly like Alicia Torello’s “bindi nails” prove. Instead of using black and gold polish, use nude polish and accessorize with stick-on jewels.

Black is undoubtedly one of the very most classic colors. Opting for a dark inspired manicure is an elegant and chic option when looking to make a fashion statement with your fingers. Black nails can suit pretty much every outfit and occasion that it is paired with. Additionally, there are hundreds of styles that you can select from and incorporate your black themed nails. You can look at some innovations in your black nails with the usage of glitters, beads, or some different nail color to pair the base color.

Today in this post, we are likely to explain to you a good number of 25+ elegant black nail art designs. Have a look at these creative designs and get inspired for your next nail design idea. Let’s hit the trend now!